The Process

Alberta is one of the sunniest places in the world so think of your solar panels as a main power source, instead of coal or gas, uses the sun to power your home. It is important to understand that most people with solar are still connected to the grid which means they always have access to power – even at night and in winter. When the sun is shining the panels power your home and when it’s really shining your home turns into a mini power plant.

Excess energy that your cells produce feed back into the grid and your bill is credited. Our goal, or more specifically your goal is to produce enough excess energy in the summer, when the sun is directly overhead, to cover your bill during the winter.

This guide from Canadian Solar Industries Association provides an abundance of information on going solar

Getting Started

1.Provide at least one energy bill. 2. We determine what kind of sun and shade you have and the best mounting options are determined 3. A  quote is provided and if approved, financing options are chosen 4. Installation dates are selected

What's Next

1. Permits are pulled. 2. Work is done within 5- 7 days 3. You get wireless monitoring system that will alert you and us of any solar panel issues.